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CELEBRATING OUR 15TH YEAR                                            
  The Film Actors Studio
                is expanding...

We are proud to announce that we are in pre-production on a low budget Horror Film - The Red House. John Otrin will produce with his son Allen and Gregory Avellone will direct.


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        Watch the opening of our Award winning Short

                       Tina Gets Her Man


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    John Otrin is postponing his two films to produce The Red House.

    The two films:
    The Carrier andScattered Bones
      were developed by the Film Actors studio and written by studio member Jim Cash.

      The short film The Silence After which was developed in our Short Film Lab has garnered several awards and recently obtained a Canadian distribution deal.The Silence After was written by its star, actress Kelly DeSarla and directed by Gregory Avellone, produced by John Otrin and The Film Actors Studio. The Short Film Lab has produced over 60 short films.

      Writer/ Director Gregory Avellone has three films in development.  His screenplay, Sixmile Cross is being considered for a Nicholl Fellowship by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

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